Garden revamp for Summer!

Our garden is looking refreshed and we are ready for all the outdoor fun that lies ahead… the fresh bark is laid ready to be raced and climbed over, the sandpit is replenished and is like our own mini Jolly beach, the construction site has new piles of stones ready to be transported, the smelly garden has new plants ready to be rubbed, sniffed, selected and then picked ready to be added to potions and creations in the mud kitchen, the fairies have new houses, the dinosaurs have a new forest and the tree has new exciting bird feeders and also a bird bath so they can eat and drink before flying away, we have new garden rugs to lounge on the decking on and we’ve even planted up some welli-bobs too so we can enjoy the flowers as they blossom. Our oldest children will assume responsibility for the watering of the herbs, plants and flowers and frequently checking the birds have something to eat and drink as it’s so important for them to consider what living things need to grow and thrive and how to care for our very lovely environment 💗 Bring on the garden fun we say!!!! Xxxx