Gloop, gloop GLORIOUS gloop…. Changes in texture from solid to ‘soup’!!!!What a fun afternoon the children in Free Flow had with Imogen recently… they certainly got messy but that was all part of the fun and they loved it! It was amazing just how much fun they could have by mixing cornflour and water together. Imogen gave the children a series of instructions for them to closely follow and they did this so well with their fantastic listening ears switched on as they made their own awesome gloop! Once the instructions had been followed the Free Flow bunch were free to explore, experiment and basically just have fun… and it’s fair to say they all did exactly that. They talked about the ‘before’ feeling and texture and the ‘after’ once they had added their water as it was completely different. The children experimented with how to move and scoop the gloop, the changes in its consistency as they moved it , the sounds it made and what it felt like too. All of this scientific experimentation, and sensory exploration, was taking place whilst our children were simply having lots of fun playing. What a fab time they had learning through play in THE most excellent way… 💚💚💚💚xxxx