Going on a bear hunt!

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt!! Beth, Katie and Emma’s room have been loving the bear hunt story so much that the grown-ups planned a fantastic sensory experience which enabled their children to go on their very own bear hunt as the story was truly brought to life for them all…Out in our car park the children discovered all different elements from the story set out in ‘tuff trays’ and they simply HAD to walk through them (they couldn’t go over it, they couldn’t go under it!! Oh no….) One by one the children took their shoes and socks off before walking through the different trays as they went off on their very own bear hunt. As they walked through each part they sang/said/read that part of the story so they could remember what happened. (Although they definitely didn’t really need the story, as it such a well-loved story by the group they know it off by heart and can pretty much recite it in its entirety!!)The children adored re-enacting the bear hunt story for themselves and relished exploring all the different trays as they passed through them on their walk; feeling the differing textures on the soles of their feet… some marvellous vocabulary emerged too as the children described how the different trays felt on their feet and between their toes!!After everyone had had a turn quite a few of the group then loved to have another turn and this time a few decided to chill in the cave with their friends and the bear as they had by now discovered that the bear was indeed a friendly bear and so there was no need to run away and scream, as they could simply hang out together sharing stories and giggles instead!We think it was safe to say that the whole group loved going on their very own bear hunt!Where will the magic of stories take us to next we wonder?! 💙🐻📚