Happy Chinese New Year

Our children have been finding out more about the Lunar New Year that means so much to so many people around the globe.We love to think about how we not only celebrate at special times within our lives, but also find out more about celebrations and special times in the lives of others.Today is a special day in the Chinese calendar and we wish everyone much health and happiness as the new year commences… 2022 is the year of the Tiger and we wish everyone a ROARSOME one!!We have loved to read all about how people celebrate at this special time of year, we have explored the wonderful colours of red and gold as we have looked at traditional decorations and also counted golden coins into red money envelopes. We have tried our hands at using chopsticks to pick up our (woollen) noodles, we have made dragon puppets dance amongst many, many other things… our children were certainly provoked to learn more, as they couldn’t resist the sensory trays set up to entice them in. We have simply loved exploring and finding out more about how people celebrate at this very special time of year and we are looking forward to a Chinese inspired lunch today too… yummy yummy! Xxxx