Happy Diwali

🪔 We love to celebrate special times at Jollies; from sharing our individual achievements as we accomplish things, celebrating birthdays and significant events in our lives to special occasions/celebrations that occur throughout the year. This week we have loved celebrating alongside one of our friends as they have celebrated Diwali. We have found out more about this special Festival of Lights, we have looked at books and shared stories, we have enjoyed learning a song about Rama and Sita, we have made decorations for our special table and then sat with our divas as we’ve eaten a sweet treat of Mithi Sev (thank you to one of our mummies for providing this recipe for us to make today for afternoon snack), we have decorated our nursery steps with rangoli patterns, we have created patterns in brightly coloured rice, we even had a snack of crackers with cheese and cucumber shaped like a diva lamp, but most of all we have just generally loved celebrating with our friends and talking together about special times and occasions in our lives.