How are you feeling today?

😊🙃😣😫😡In our multi-sensory room recently the conversation turned to our feelings and the different emotions we experience.The children talked about what makes them feel happy, angry and sad and they then talked about what they could do when they felt angry or sad to help find themselves in a better and happier place.Our children are so mature and receptive to these kinds of discussions and they loved to chat together about feelings and they loved expressing them!! Amongst the things that made them feel happy were; mummy cuddles, when people shared, when friends are kind.Things that sparked anger and sadness were; monsters, when someone hurts them, when people didn’t share.When Imogen asked what makes one little one sad she simply replied ‘Nothing… I just stay happy!!’ How lovely to have such a straightforward, positive mindset… bring on a fabulous future of strong mental health and well-being for all our Jolly little ones (and us grown ups too!!)♥️The children then looked into the mirror to see what faces they could pull that would reflect some of the differing emotions… We’re certain you’ll agree that we had some awesome expressions!!!! Xxxx