How big’s the train? Soooo big!!!

🚂How much fun’s a trip to the station? Soooooo much!!! Our babies loved getting some fresh air and experiencing the sights, smells and sounds of our local train station.After getting excited upon hearing a train through the open window and then spontaneously singing some train songs our babies went on an adventure across the road to the station.They loved looking around them and listening out for the trains coming… there was such a sense of anticipation and excitement.They watched so closely as the trains rolled in and out of the station as they sat back and enjoyed the view!! Some even had a little stroll along the platform too.We are sooooooo lucky to have such a wonderful resource just across the road. Visits to the station, and walks around our lovely village, can really bring learning to life for our children. We like to take advantage of every wonderful opportunity offered to us here at nursery.We may breed future train spotters here at Jollies, but we just 💛💙💛it…. Chooooo choooo!!!! XxxxIf you’d like to come on an adventure with us in the future please make an online enquiry below and we’ll ring you back soon to arrange an in person tour of our nursery… We can’t wait to meet you and you can see if you’d like to become part of our Jolly Family too 😊