How clever are we?!

Our amazing children have been putting their physical skills to the test outside… sometimes in self-selected ways (as they choose to walk along the outside edge of our climbing frame!!) and sometimes in challenges set by their supportive, knowledgeable grown-ups (encouraging crawling under arches!) who want to provide opportunities for their children to develop and practise a particular skill…However they are moving; whether it be their brains driving them to repetitively practise a motion over and over and over again (spinning constantly in a supermarket… is this a familiar scenario for any mummies and daddies out there?! 😂😂🤣😂) or experimenting with new moves, our children are developing their physical skills and these gross and fine motor skills are fabulous precursors to later abilities in reading and writing by eventually having the physical skill and control to hold a pencil and form letters with confident motions and also track words across the page when reading! So if you want excellent readers and writers in later life get your most precious little people outside running, skipping, crawling, dancing, hopping, tip-toeing, reaching, stretching, balancing…. These movements will fire 🔥 up the synapses in little brains and forge pathways as strong connections are made and these are essential for later learning!We are playing, but also laying the firmest of foundations for later life… you’ve got to love The Early Years ♥️ BRING ON THE FUN!!!!! Xxxx