I love to do it myself!

Encouraging independence is the future (quite literally!)At Jollies we are constantly supporting our children to develop their independence skills and become confident, capable and resilient lovely little learners ♥️Recently the focus at snack and tea times has been upon our children being given the chance to be even more independent. They usually drive the choice as they frequently express their preferences; from the fruit/food they eat at snack times to the sandwich fillings they enjoy in their individual sandwiches, but this was taken a step further as the children made their own sandwiches.They developed their knife control as they spread the butter evenly across their slices of bread and after they had selected the filling many opted for a quick fold method as they had problem-solved and decided this was definitely the fastest way to complete their individual sandwiches and be ready to eat and enjoy them!! The sandwiches seemed to taste that extra bit yummy as they had made them themselves… 😋 At snack time the children have had the opportunity to show off their pouring skills too as they have filled their cups ready to enjoy some lovely milk to accompany their self-chosen pieces of fruit. They have shown themselves to be great pourers as they have worked out exactly how much to tilt the jug, held onto the cup to steady it and maintained concentration throughout to avoid spillages. Lots of lovely mathematical language was also naturally reinforced as they chatted to the grown-ups about jugs being empty and full and requiring more/less etc…We regularly practice filling, tipping, pouring and transferring in water trays and physical skills and fine motor control are developed through the games we play, the activities we set up and actions explored in our movement room/outside and we think we can safely say the development of these skills is definitely paying off as our children are quite the independent superstars ⭐️🌟✨ and we are VERY proud of them!! xxxx