It’s good to talk!!

📞 Some wonderful dialogue emerged recently between Katie and her little ones. Katie was busy playing on the floor with some of her children exploring all the loose parts. Then, in the next moment, a phone was swiftly handed to her by a little one (as they too had found their own handset) and then the conversation truly flowed… The exchanges that took place were spontaneous, funny, warm and truly reciprocated. Communication is key and having brilliant conversations on role-play phones is just one way of sparking this during the nursery day. We all 💜 to talk here at Jollies and helping our children develop speaking and listening skills; understanding the nuances of conversation, pausing, thinking and responding, turn taking is all just part of the fun as we chitter chatter happily together throughout play, role-play different scenarios, take part in circle time discussions, ask and answer questions during story times and generally just enjoy each others’ company and the chance to have a good old natter together!! We wonder what fab conversations you will find yourself having this week?