‘It’s just like a giant iPad…’

Our interactive screen is popular with our oldest children. It is a great way for them to develop their mathematical concepts, their understanding of letters and sounds, their knowledge of rhyme, their listening skills and ability to follow instructions, their sequencing skills, their ability to share resources with their friends as they take it in turns, their vocabulary and their creativity as they discuss possible ideas and solutions together, their imaginations as they create works of art/their masterpieces, their fine motor control as they carefully navigate the screen using its touch capabilities, their knowledge of positional language as they explore left/right/up/down/over/under and many, many more things besides!!Here one little one is being an expert hairdresser at their very own salon… can you work out which of the skills above they may have been practising as they washed, dried, cut and styled their model’s hair?!

Sooooo much learning is always taking place throughout time spent using this screen, but as far as our children are concerned they are just playing and having fun… quite right we say!! 👍🏻 xxxx