Jolly Dough Play

Our children adore dough play here at Jollies. They love every colour, they love sparkly; they love moulding HUGE pieces and rolling tiny pieces, they love making stringy sausages and rolling into balls, they love squishing and squashing, they love moulding and shaping, they love cooking exciting feasts, they love creating superb sculptures, they add gems and jewels, they add shells and rings, they use all manner of tools from mashers, to rolling pins, to forks and hammers.Dough play provides opportunities to develop imagination and creativity, it allows role-play, it allows simple maths concepts to be explored (comparing and contrasting sizes, discussing the weight of pieces, halving and sharing, adding more and taking some away), it extends vocabulary, strengthens communication, it encourages sharing and negotiating, it allows scientific investigation to occur as substances change… sometimes the dough can be sticky… we add flour… and observe what happens next! It promotes the strengthening of little fingers and the muscles within the hand (essential precursors to early writing!), it encourages pincer grip as tools are manipulated and fine motor skills honed…. And these are but a few of the amazing learning possibilities that derive from dough play!It doesn’t have to cost the earth and you don’t need to buy expensive tubs of it. We make our own here at Jollies and this is our tried and tested recipe which we’ve been using for 17 plus years now… Why not make some at home for your little one (definitely a grown-up’s job as it requires boiling water!) over the long weekend and transport yourselves back to your own childhood days enjoying the magic of playing with dough!!!!What will you and your little one create together? Xxxx