Leavers Party 2017

Our ‘BIG’ School Leavers’ Poem for our Class of 2017….

Words cannot express how very sad we all feel
The time to say goodbye is here and it just doesn’t seem real
You have made us amazingly proud in every way
As we have watched you learn, thrive and grow each day

Your bodies have stretched and your minds have expanded
As you’ve babbled, crawled and walked and on your bottoms you have landed!
We’ve wiped away your tears and placed plasters on you knee
We’ve shared snuggles, high fives, smiles, laughter and complete glee

The firmest of friends over the years you have all become
Sharing secrets, games, giggles and an infectious sense of fun
We have been privileged to have been part of your lives each day
We have explored together and developed your play

Yet now ‘BIG’ school is calling out your names
Ready for new classrooms and exciting fun and games
From the strongest of roots you have all grown
You have spread your wings and already you have flown

Now the sky is the limit for you all and you will soar even higher
The sparks of learning we’ve ignited will turn into a fire
Believe in yourselves and be brave, strong and bold
But know to us you’ll always be the ‘crazy daisies’ of old!

We have loved every minute of being with you… each and every one
Filling our hearts with love as we have shared in all the fun
Part of our Jolly Family you will always stay
Please remember this as you go on your way…

Wishing you the best of luck as we wave you goodbye
We will do our very best to try not to cry!
From the diddiest of dots to the diamonds that you are
We all know that YOU WILL GO FAR!!!!20994268_10154968534199205_7230178997341983778_n