Letters and Sounds – introduced after staff meeting dated 27th Jan 17

Letters and Sounds

Following on from our whole staff team training on ‘Letters and Sounds’ in our January staff meeting our children have been introduced to a wealth of fab activities…

After chatting to teachers from local primary schools at cluster meetings it became clear that they really loved children entering school Reception class to have experienced ‘Phase One’ of the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme.

So we all got practical during our staff team training meeting and got to grips with how we could introduce this across nursery. It is such a fun practical programme that is relevant from our youngest toddlers to those getting ready to leave us for ‘BIG’ school. It hones the children’s listening skills and gets them to listen carefully and distinguish between sounds and these are all pre-cursors for quality phonics learning later on…

So we all ‘taught’ each other and shared ideas for practical games and activities and as it was so practical our team could ‘get their heads around’ the scheme and see how it could be introduced easily to their rooms.

So onwards and upwards, as is the Jolly way, and we are proud of how our children have been playing a variety of games, singing songs, mixing ‘silly soup’ and donning crazy ears to go on listening walks (we may look a bit like the BFG but that’s half the fun!!). Look out for our children going on their listening walks around the village and if you beep your horn to say hello you will give us yet another sound to distinguish!!

Here’s to even more games and fun and to our children entering Reception Class even more ‘school ready’ than they were before…