Loose parts play in an ‘open-ended’ way!

One little one relished exploring in her own self-chosen way as she was observed busying and challenging herself independently by experimenting with the loose parts…Amongst many other things one that captured her focus and attention was placing the corks into some of the boxes to fill the space. She experimented to see how many she could fit in and whether the box would then close or not…. No it didn’t!!…. so she realised she then needed to take some out and rearrange them.She then continued to collect different objects to test and predict with too! Great counting and finding out in such an organic way through exploratory loose parts play!We 🖤 playing with open-ended unusual resources here at Jollies; ones that allow for exploratory and creative play that don’t elicit a certain response so it frees our children to explore in any way, shape or form they choose to… BRING ON THE FUN!! XxxxIf you’d like your little one to be able to play in this way in the future please make an online enquiry today and we’ll ring you to arrange an in person tour of our nursery. We can’t wait to meet you and introduce you to life at Jollies😊