Making choices….

If you popped into Pouncing Possums you’d find shelves full of wonderful possibilities…We ♥️ our babies to make choices (based upon their current interests and obsessions) as they enthusiastically select which toys and resources they’d like to play with throughout their nursery day.The shelves are full of exciting, inviting resources and they are all easily accessible to little hands so they can be freely explored.It is great to see our babies showing their preferences as they drive their own play forwards. The grown-ups follow their lead and sensitively observe to see when it’s appropriate to intervene in their play, to scaffold learning for them and develop play experiences further, or when to just sit back and observe (as sometimes as adults we can spoil their play if we try to take it off in a direction that doesn’t meet the child’s brief!!)We love supporting our babies to explore, explore, explore… will it be the ball pool, the soft play, the kitchen or will we just explore from shelf, to shelf, to shelf today?!