Memory books go down a storm….

We ♥️ our ‘Jolly Memories Books’… As well as having our online app which enables our parents/carers to receive regular daily photos/updates (and also daily sheets!) to give them a sneaky peek into their little ones’ days and all the fun and learning that is taking place here at nursery we have also clung onto our ‘paper memories books’ which we have created since we opened our doors 17 years ago… We know it’s a little old fashioned, in this digital day and age, but we ♥️ the traditional paper approach; as it’s just such a treasured keepsake that can be enjoyed years and years later to evoke wonderful memories of happy times! My own daughters still fondly look through theirs and talk about their Jolly days and they are 17 and 19 now… and that’s what you don’t get with an electronic version!!This little one was flicking through the profiles within her room (as we have them accessible so they can be enjoyed by our children when they choose to look through them) so Fiona asked her if she wanted to find hers. She replied yes so they looked together to find hers and she was VERY excited to find it!As they turned the pages this little one loved commenting upon the pictures, ‘I’m outside….it’s Emma…. it’s a bear…. I dressed up a jumper for Christmas’ When Fiona pointed out her birthday pictures she said….. ‘I’m 2!’ As they got to the end of the book she said ‘Oh no they have gone now….’ so Fiona then explained how Emma was going to put more pictures in and she responded ‘tomorrow!’….. soooo cute♥️It makes our hearts melt to see the enjoyment our children get from their special memories books… It might be old fashioned, but we are proud of them and the joy they bring to our children and their families. The revised Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) has moved away from emphasis being on paperwork (and things that take practitioners away from quality interaction with their children); but we feel they can be justified still and now our oldest children frequently take responsibility for sticking in their own photos too (some may be upside down and a bit skew-whiff, but it doesn’t matter…and they adore choosing stickers and drawing pictures in them too to make them look extra fab!) Adults love to chat with their children about all the fun they’ve had (and we sometimes scribe for them too recording the comments they have made) and our children love recalling and reflecting upon their adventures; discussing what they are proud of and how they felt as they played, explored and investigated. So we think they are still very much relevant and justified as who doesn’t ♥️ to look at photos of their fabulous selves and reflect upon how brilliant and clever they truly are?!?! We want our children to feel proud of who they are and what they do and achieve on a daily basis as their individual learning journeys develop!! Xxxx