Messy play at its best!

Another fine mess you’ve got me into… Exploring Elephants have recently been getting very, very messy. It was all about the process rather than the finished product (although they were all rather proud of this too!)It all started off with mark making on a large scale using pens… Fiona covered the wall and the floor so they could make marks on different levels and this led to lots of conversation about what they were all drawing and the colours they were using and it enabled the friends to use both their gross and fine motor skills as they experimented alternating between tiny and intricate and then HUGE movements…There were also some totally heart-melting moments; including one whilst laying down head-to-head next to each other to draw (as this was their natural comfy position of choice) where two friends found themselves lost deep in conversation!The 💚 of mark making progressed and it evolved into a totally crazy messy morning later in the week! The children then went on to have a full body sensory experience with paint, using a variety of mark making tools to spread the paint around; they even had the chance to choose their own paint and pour it out as and when (and where!!) they wanted it!!!The group stripped down to their vests and nappies, as Fiona and Jade knew that our aprons just wouldn’t cut it and they didn’t want the children’s creativity to be stifled by worrying about getting paint on their clothes. So it was all systems go in nappies and vests to explore with the paint on the floor, on their feet, on the paper, on their legs and arms… feet and hands were tickled by different tools as footprints and handprints were added into the mix! We think we can safely say it was painting in the most marvellous, massive, messy way!!!! Xxxx