More garden renovations

Blossom tree, blossom tree what do you see?I see a new exciting area built below me….Our decking area has been renewed and another element of challenge has been added into it for our children.Our children naturally love to climb, crawl and explore as their brains are always driving them to try, try, try and to experiment to see how their little bodies can move.Traditionally they have loved the steps as they have honed their climbing skills there with the close support of their key people to help develop their confidence and skill. The ramp has always been a given, as it has just produced endless hours of fun and challenge as our children have manoeuvred both up and down as they have made themselves and their toys, balls, sacks, tubes and vehicles travel too!Yet it has just got even better as we have now added a third way of accessing the decking… via a mini climbing wall!Our children LOVE a challenge and we know they will adore this and as for how they’ll use the decking when they get to the top?! Who knows?!… It could be a stage, the tree might become their pirate ship, they may sit and draw and make marvellous marks, they might build fabulous creations up there. Whatever they do we know they will be having fun in true Jollies style and we can’t wait to observe and support them all closely testing out their physical skills and developing their imaginations!! Xxxx