More garden revamps!

Mud kitchen Madness!! We are loving our newly revamped mud kitchen and what better place for role-playing as the narrative is driven forwards, negotiating, sharing and taking turns as wonderfully imaginative concoctions are made, developing mathematical skills as pinecones, sticks and leaves are carefully counted as literacy skills are honed as recipes are read and followed, as sensory feedback is sought as favoured choices are made in the smelly/digging area to enhance our culinary creations (will it be curry plant, lavender or mint that is selected and added today?!), as capacity is explored as water is tipped from container to container, as fine motor skills are developed as tweezers, tongs and utensils are used to transfer our tasty ingredients…And you thought we were all just ‘playing’ making mud pies!!Mmmmm… what will be on the mud kitchen menu today?! We’re not sure yet, but whatever it is rest assured in Jollies mud kitchen everything is made with mud, mud, marvellous mud and oodles of love 💖…. xxxx