Movement room… we’ll visit again soon!!

Terrific Twos have taken full advantage of our new movement room and have certainly got their bodies moving and challenged and tested their physical skills…We observed fine motor manipulation through the use of tongs, tools and threading🧵 We observed our children emulating various yoga poses as they stretched and balanced!We observed our children twisting and twirling and turning in the ball pool!Our children observed each other closely as they participated in movement conversations with each other and with Katie. They copied each other’s actions; mirroring some amazing movements!We observed our children walking along tracks and following musical footsteps and they also made moves and marks as they drew with a variety of pens, pencils and crayons 🖍 Whatever they did, they did with gusto and bodies were moving and physical skills were being developed, tested, supported and challenged.It’s official we 🤎our new movement room!