Mud, mud, glorious mud

Mud, mud, glorious mud, nothing quite like it for… making some buns 🤣😂🤣😂!!Natalie had closely observed some of our Cheeky Monkeys gang playing and they were really interested in role playing in the kitchen area within the room. They were enjoying making cups of tea for everyone and making cakes and buns too. They then all decided that they were going to prepare for a party making lots of yummy food together.So to extend this interest outside, but on a much larger, messier scale; Natalie set up a ‘tuff tray’ filled with pots, pans and utensils ready to make mud cakes and buns for their party.. Delicious!!!!The children immediately began scooping, pouring, mixing and sharing the mud (and water!) out into the different bowls and they would carry the spoonfuls of soil so carefully as they walked around to their bowls of choice before pouring their precious ingredients in! They all loved talking to NatNat throughout this time about what they were busy making and quite a few of them liked to also try and feed Natalie their mud creations with their spoons … yummy!!!!! 😋 xxxx