Our 2016 Jolly Leavers Party! – 25/8/16

Thank you so very much to all our lovely ‘BIG’ school leavers and their mummies and daddies for celebrating with us today despite the rain!! It was wonderful to see you all and we are so very proud of you! Spread your wings and fly now as you embark upon Reception life. You are more than school ready and we wish you a last goodbye and all the luck in the world… Tracey, Sian and Team Jollies xxxx

A poem for our lovely 2016 ‘BIG’ school leavers…

The time of year when we have to say goodbye has come around so quickly

It only seems like yesterday that you were babes in arms with tiny toes so tickly!

We have all felt very proud to have been part of your lives so far

To see how you have grown and changed into the little stars that you are

You make us laugh often and bring so much fun into our day

We love your enthusiasm as you learn through your play

You think and question, experiment, try so hard and persevere

Your determination to achieve and your excitement is a joy to overhear!

The friendships you have formed bring so much warmth to everyone

By working in partnership we have all had so much fun

It’s sad that we have to wave goodbye and let you all go

Yet school is calling your name and you’ll be the stars of the show

Your strong roots have been planted and you’re now reaching up to the sky

Your wings are spread and you are eager, ready and excited to fly

Before you go we hope that you will always know how proud of you we are

We know that with your personalities, your confidence, your thirst for knowledge, you will go far

Thank you for the memories that we will all cherish and hold so dear

We couldn’t pick a favourite minute as there have been so many year, after year, after year

We have felt privileged to have known every single one of you

Now go forward as bold explorers and show your teachers what you can do!

Look back, after the hugest of good luck hugs, and you’ll see us bravely wave as we wipe a tear away

Yet know you will always be part of our jolly family and within our hearts you’ll stay.