Our Annual Easter Parade 28th March 18

There will be lots more photos of our children looking fabulous in their bonnets for our mummies and daddies to look at on our closed Facebook page, but we just wanted to post to say how very proud we are of our children and a huge thank you to them and our staff team and our accompanying mummies, daddies, grandmas, grandads and friends for our annual Easter Parade today!

We brought Easter cheer to the village as we jingled bells, donned our best bonnets and wished everyone we saw a very ‘Happy Easter!’ We had a singsong at the Beechwood shops and some lovely school mummies became our impromptu audience.

We then paraded across the field to Howgate and Farrar and dropped off some Easter treats to our friends there before singing them an Easter song.

We then paraded onto Midland House and were given the warmest of welcomes by our friends there and we handed out chocolate eggs and sang songs before having a well-deserved drink and biscuit.

When we returned to nursery we had the best surprise ever, as the Easter Bunny had hopped in when it was all quiet at nursery, and although he’d been a messy bunny and knocked some white paint over on the way in we soon forgave him as he’d left us some lovely chocolate eggs on the stairs for our children and he’d even had time to hop up to the staff room and leave some for Team Jolly too. He was a sneaky bunny as James was busy cooking in the kitchen and he didn’t hear a thing!!!! Thank you EB?

Happy Easter everyone and thank you for being part of our Jolly Family. Xxxx