Our Bus Obsession

🚌Our little ones are interested in the world around them and every now and again throughout the day they find themselves looking out of their windows at the world passing by!We are VERY lucky as we have some wonderful resources right on our doorstep; such as the train station and the canal, but we also have, literally outside of our window, a bus stop!!!! We love to spot the buses passing and we adore the double deckers in particular! Not that we are obsessed or anything?! So after HUGE excitement at a bus passing which led to the spontaneous singing of ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and playing with toy vehicles within the room (whereby all the vehicles suddenly became ‘buses’!) our children also did something magnificent outside… they made their own bus in the garden!Crates and tyres were rounded up and arranged into what our children designed as their very own (large scale) bus. Then some lovely role play emerged, carefully scaffolded by the Jolly grown-ups… lots of imagination as journeys were undertaken and comments made about things imagined as they passed by our bus’ windows and lots of fabulous sound effects were heard too as well as lots of imaginary tickets being collected!We usually breed train spotters here at Jollies, but more recently we’ve been turning our children into bus fanatics… ♥️With a brmmmmmm, brmmmmmm and a chooooo, chooooo it’s happy transport-obsessed days at Jollies for me and you!! 🚌♥️🚂♥️🚌♥️🚂♥️🚌♥️🚂♥️🚌xxxx