Our Jolly Salon

🫧💇🏽‍♀️💇🏽✂️What style are you after today?! Whatever it is we’re pretty certain our mini Jolly hairdressers would be able to recreate it just for you…The development of a hairdressers role play area stemmed organically from our children’s interests and actions…Natalie observed a little group of boys sat together chatting about their hair and trying to make each other’s hair spiky after accidentally getting it a little wet whilst playing in the water tray. Soon this little group were shaping their hair into some amazing spiky styles!! Sooo many giggles followed and the craze grew… others then asked if they could have their hair plaited as well.So Natalie ventured into the attic and found lots of resources to set up a Jolly salon. We had brushes, hair dryers, straighteners, a shower head, a few clips, a till and a phone. Natalie sent Tracey off with a shopping list as we needed further resources adding in as our clip stash was much depleted… Tracey returned to nursery loaded up with styling bowls and brushes, spray bottles, grips and clips and an enormous stash of funky headbands and then we were good to go. We were very lucky as a couple of lovely local hairdressers also donated some old colour charts/cards as well as some styling heads, so we were then well and truly equipped.Natalie added in clipboards and pens as mark-making opportunities are essential in every role play scenario wherever possible… What followed was total fun and enjoyment.Our children imagined, created, took turns, shared, discussed, chose colours, booked appointments, sequenced hair styling from shampoo through to colour and blow dry and counted out imaginary pennies to pay for their new looks afterwards.Happy new hair styles were enjoyed by all who visited the Jolly Salon ♥️ Not your average role-play area, but then again we realise our children are unique and so we love to take our play and learning off in every direction possible; twisting and turning and adding and evolving linked to their interests and passions… if our children are excited, motivated, focused and engrossed the very best kind of learning is able to occur!Imaginative days and hairdressing ways here at Jollies ✂️🫧✂️🫧 xxxx