Our Jolly Vision!

When Sian and I opened Jolly Giraffes 17 years ago we had a very clear vision of exactly how we wanted our nursery to be for all our children. Everything that drove us then still drives us today and we are always trying to reflect upon how we can make our nursery even better for our children. We know exactly how we want them to be cared for and what nursery experience we want each and every one of them to have…. But it is important that this vision is clear and shared by all! So Sian and I asked our team what they thought our nursery’s vision was for our children… and you can read all their individual responses.It was brilliant as all the visions very much reflected a shared ethos and the same wants, values and wishes permeated them all.From these we then rewrote our whole nursery vision as we wanted every visitor to Jollies to be able to read what we are all about and what we strive to provide for our children throughout their time here… (you can now read this for yourself as you make your way upstairs!) Although we hope this is evident to everyone from the second they walk through our doors just from the ‘feel’ they get from every room and every corner of our nursery…Thank you Team Jollies for your passion, commitment, dedication, love, enthusiasm, attitude, inspiration, caring, patience, calm, craziness and for everything you do to ensure our children experience the nursery we want for them all… thank you for truly sharing in our vision ♥️ xxxx