Our new friends…….

We ♥️ our stick insects!!Our oldest children have welcomed some new friends into their room recently… in the shape of some rather huge and gorgeous stick insects!!They have been fascinated looking at them closely… they definitely looked like ‘sticks’ or maybe ‘green beans from our Sunday lunch’ too?!The children counted their legs and looked closely at the shape and length of their bodies, they then drew them very carefully too. Those that wanted to had a little hold and those that didn’t just watched Imogen handling them as they talked about them together.It was a great opportunity to chat to our children about how to care for them (they love a bit of privet you know!) and also how to handle them safely as we don’t want to hurt our fabulous stick friends…Our children were so very gentle as they touched them or picked them up and they held them in their hands as if they were precious gems!We have also loved to share our two new stick insect books… one non-fiction one is very interesting and full of stick facts and the other is very… funny!! We have all had a giggle together as the stick insect in the story falls in love with… a stick!! Happy days and stick insect ways here at Jollies xxxx