Our school leavers’ trip to the train museum – 7th July 16

We would just like to say thank you to our lovely ‘BIG’ school leavers who made our trip to York Railway Museum such a BRILLIANT one. It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to spend the day with them all and we are so proud of each and every one of them as they were so well-behaved, so interested in everything and so happy and excited all day long! We don’t quite know where they get their energy from… Everything ran perfectly and every train was on time, we had fantastic snacks and a great packed lunch and all the exciting things to do kept us fully entertained.
No doubt parents will have heard every detail, but some highlights from the day were; finding the 100 year old kitchen on a train, travelling on the mini train and the driver whizzed us around twice, watching a puppet show with cheeky Mr Punch and Judy (and a crocodile!), trip-trapping over the bridge, playing on the park, standing next to enormous trains and looking at their numbers, colours and shapes and we all loved the gift shop of course. All this as well as games of ‘I spy’ on the four actual trains we travelled on…
We are sooooo proud of them all and we know that with their sense of adventure, confidence, inquisitive nature, interest and happiness and fun, they are all ready for the next stage of learning within school and are ready to spread their wings and fly….
Choo, choo, clickety-clack, clickety-clack……….. xxxx