Our spontaneous free flow wedding!!

So at lunchtime today ‘G’ was talking about her Aunties wedding, when another child invited himself along. I said that you can’t just invite yourself to some bodies wedding if you don’t know them! He said ‘well that’s ok cos I’m going to get married and everyone can come!’. I asked who he was marrying…….’G and it’s going to be today!!’………..so we had 2 hours to plan a wedding!!!
All the boys came for a top hat fitting (every boy got very excited about these special hats and couldn’t wait to have one made!!!). I made paper flowers to decorate a chosen hat each for the girls. We made a bouquet, pipe cleaner rings and even a ‘collar’ for Becky the vicar!! All he wanted to know was what we were having for the wedding meal!!! We had cracker canapés and picnic tea!!
We had the ceremony ‘on the lawn’ and threw birdseed confetti. The bride threw to bouquet which was caught by lucky ‘C’, first dance was ‘Shotgun!’ of course and then we boogied the afternoon away with a cheesy disco!!!!!