Our Stick Friends

💖We still love our stick insect friends very much here at Jollies and are often fascinated as we observe them closely moving around their mini habitat. We have to look very carefully as they are frequently camouflaged and it can be quite difficult to spot them initially.It is so lovely to see our children fascinated and wanting to find out more and by then sharing non-fiction (information) texts we are able to brush up on our sticky facts together!It’s also brilliant to see their curiosity, and exposure over time, leading them to go from looking to gently holding if they choose to do so as a result of their confidence growing. We have seen some little ones go from being very reluctant to even stand near their stick house to switching into full on handling mode with our stick insects; with them then moving from hand to hand or slowly making their way up a little arm mountain!! Our children are so gentle as they hold our stick insects too, with kind hands, and they are very often heard giggling as their hands and arms are ‘tickled’!! Xxxx