Pyjama Drama session in partnership with the Library bus – 24/8/16

The Library bus brought a special guest along with them to do a little activity session called ‘Pyjama Drama’. 15 of our older children got to go out into the garden with Hazel (the librarian) and Sara (the Pyjama Drama teacher),myself and Amy W as we took part in this lovely, fun and imaginative session.

Sara used our time to go through an imaginative roleplay scenario in which we had to go on an adventure to giant land to feed her friend the big friendly giant. We had to pack our bags full of giant sized food which he liked to eat, wake mummy up to tell her that we were going on our adventure, then we traveled through the sky on clouds (making sure not to fall off) through the rainfall and through the wind too. We moved around the garden in different ways travelling to the giant land. Once we got there we had to be careful and quiet not to wake up the mean/unfriendly giants so we creeped around and tip-toed around until we found our friend the big friendly giant. We fed him all of his lovely goodies and he gave us some fizzy juice that made our bellies fizz and pop as we jumped around.

This activity session allowed us to develop our imaginative skills as well as physical and encouraged us to use our ‘big’ and ‘little’ voices at times too.