Rain rain go away!!

Well actually please don’t…🤣😂🤣😂

So after a week full of on and off rain Exploring Elephants decided to fully embrace it and actually investigate it further instead…So they honed their listening skills as they distinguished between the differing sounds the rain made as it fell on various surfaces around the outside area. They were fascinated to listen to the difference between the rain falling on tarpaulin, canvas, tin foil, the umbrellas, on wood, on plastic, in puddles…Ears were listening VERY carefully and some brilliant vocabulary emerged as the children tried hard to describe the differing sounds they could hear. The only problem… the rain stopped!!! At Jollies we don’t let things defeat us, or spoil our fun, so instead Jade turned to the hosepipe and as the children hid under the tarpaulin on our ‘trip trap’ bridge the water droplets began to find them again and giggles soon emerged from beneath the cover!What a lot of listening, exploring, fun and laughter as we made the most of the wonderful elements… whatever the weather we know it’s an opportunity for fun and learning to take place ☔️☂️