Rosie’s Walk

🐓I walked past our Movement Room and saw all the children looking on in huge anticipation and excitement as Imogen built the suspense around one of our story bags…Once the bag was open and the children looked inside and explored they found a huge feathered ‘Rosie hen’ and lots of smaller wooden hens…. They went on to enjoy Imogen’s story telling and then they went on to moving around the room exploring placing their hens over, under, above, below and moving them across and through as they imagined their very own farmyards for their hens to venture around and explore. They naturally incorporated equipment from around the room for their hens to investigate and they showed their great imaginations as they created different scenarios for their ‘Rosies’…This book is fabulous for exploring positional language, but it was also great to get not only the hens, but also the children too, moving around the room and travelling over/under/across/through on a HUGE scale.We love Rosie and we love moving, moving, moving too!!Story bags bring favourite stories to life for our little ones and we just ♥️exploring them together… they make books just a little bit more magical than they are already 🪄Xxxx