School Leavers trip to Leeds Museum

We just wanted to say how very proud we are of all our ‘BIG school’ leavers. They walked around Leeds and the museum all day and did not complain once! They listened carefully and looked around with excitement and enthusiasm. They found answers to the questions in the booklets and they were excellent detectives as they hunted things out. Their enthusiasm, excitement and thirst for knowledge was amazing and leaves us all in no doubt that they are now more than ‘school ready’…
We cannot believe how grown-up everybody is and we have just had such an amazing day with them all. They have been fabulously fun and have made us all so, so, so proud. They are a credit to you all and we feel priviliged to have known each and every one of them and are so glad that they have been part of our jolly family. Xxxx

P.S. They’ll all sleep well tonight!! ??? (and so will the fabulous Jolly Free-Flow Gang – a massive thank you to each and every one of them too