Sea creatures galore as we explore

🌊🌊Team Free-Flow love to follow and extend their children’s interests and so recently, following on from the obsession of a (growing!) group with sea creatures, Imogen decided to help them make their very own beach so they could develop their interest further and explore in a slightly different way…They used rice crispies for the sand and they explored the gloop which was their sea. Most of the children couldn’t wait to get stuck straight in – the gloopy sea was just amazing as they loved scooping it and watching it change consistency as they moved their sea creatures through it!!The group enjoyed exploring all the creatures in their bright, tactile, exciting sensory environment, but they especially loved the shark!!! Meanwhile Natalie had other plans for the room’s water tray… gone were the teacups and filling and pouring receptacles and in dived all the sea creatures instead! Natalie also added a blue bath bomb fizzer to the tray first and this sparked much excitement as the children gathered round to watch it fizzle and swish about the tray. They loved watching it and compared it to a volcano erupting! So this then naturally sparked spontaneous volcano sounds emerging from them all!! It was all very dramatic!! Once the fizzing had stopped the sea creature role play began. The children began to talk about all the creatures they discovered after naming them and they compared their colours and discussed their differing features, they were naturally driven to count them as they caught them with their giant spoons too, but the best bit… watching them plop back into the water tray with a huge splash 💦 We love to use our children’s interests as the starting point and extend them in different ways to deepen their learning experiences and develop their skills across all areas of learning… the only limit is our imaginations (and they are MASSIVE!!!) 🐬🐠🌊🐙🐳 Maybe you could turn bath time at home into a deep sea adventure tonight?! Happy bubbles and happy imagining ♥️ xxxx