Shiny, shiny things

💎♦️🔸🔷💠… Our babies are drawn to them like little magpies!!Recently it’s been all about the sensory play with our babies. They have loved crawling over the shiny sensory blanket that wrinkled and crinkled beneath their knees as they travelled to explore all the resources placed upon it.They found shiny metallic shapes, they found objects to stack, they found sensory balls to touch, feel, press and squeeze, they found bubble wrap to pop, pop, pop, they found noisy shaker tubes that rolled, lit up and glowed!Then when exploring their ‘treasure tray’ they experienced a huge variety of textures (bumpy, smooth, rough, tickly, soft, squishy, crinkly, hard, shiny, dull… and the list goes on!). They were given time to investigate, with supportive adults close by, as they explored their new-found ‘treasure’. It has been a superb sensory exploration for them all as they have looked, touched, listened, and sometimes tasted, the marvellous things on offer as they explored the world around them.Not long afterwards they needed a nap to process all the exciting things and experiences they had encountered as this is how they all learn… what a wonderful 🌎 xxxx