Special books and special bonds

♥️All our children have a photo sent home to their mummies and daddies, via our app, throughout their nursery day which gives them an insight into their nursery day and this is very reassuring for our parents/carers. These can be downloaded and kept by parents/carers too, but we are still a little bit old fashioned here at Jollies and we’ve also clung onto our paper ‘Jolly Memories Books’ too as we are very aware, that the online journal, just like digital photos, might not get looked back upon as much if this were to be the only format for storing those fond memories. So different photos (to the ones received on the app) are taken throughout every child’s nursery week and these are then placed into their memories books to be looked at as and when they choose to now within nursery, but also in years to come (they often build up quite a library of special books throughout their time here at nursery!). We hope they will then evoke strong memories of fun, friendship, laughter, love and learning when they are looked through time and time again in the future…Our oldest children choose and stick in their own photographs and decorate their books’ pages and we scribe some of their comments as they reflect back upon their learning and achievements whilst doing this. Our youngest ones tend to have the pages created by the Jolly grownups and they just love to spend time looking through them afterwards instead whilst having a snuggle with their friends/key person.However, this little one wanted in on the sticking/memory book compiling action and made it very clear they wanted to get handy with the glue stick and so they were encouraged to stick in and decorate their own page themselves… look at the pride on their face as they achieved their desired end result ♥️ We love our memories books and are very proud of them as they are the ultimate keepsake to treasure as our little ones get older and older (and huger and huger!) in the future…Happy times and happy memories always busy being created here at Jollies xxxx+5112People reached17EngagementsBoost post