Spooky goings on…..

Our babies have been getting into the spooky spirit too… 🎃👻🦇🎃👻🦇From spooky playdough, funny pumpkin stories, witchy water trays for cauldron stirring and concoction creating, picking ‘pumpkins’ (satsumas) from the fruit bowl for snack, to rolling eyeballs through jelly and scooping spooky slime we have definitely had it all going on here at nursery.Our babies have been developing their sensory awareness, they have been developing their physical skills, they have been communicating and sharing with each other, they have been experiencing awe and wonder, they have been building confidence and developing their creative and critical thinking skills as they’ve explored with freedom and support, but most of all they’ve been having THE most amazing Hallowe’en fun here at Jollies… learning through play in the most magical way! 🖤🎃👻🦇🧡 xxxx