Spotting trains in the rain!!

🌧 Despite the rain Terrific Twos room were not put off from venturing out to the train station and having lots of fun together. Their love for trains continues so Jade and Ellison decided to follow their interests and go on a little adventure together. Not wanting to waste any valuable opportunity for learning they naturally talked about how to keep safe whilst walking there; including crossing safely, walking sensibly on the pavement away from the curb/roadside and they discussed the cars around them and how they all had to be very careful. These safety discussions continued whilst at the train station too, as they discussed how they mustn’t go on, or near, the tracks as trains are the only ones that can go on the tracks. They all knew to keep right back when walking on the platform and never to cross the bumpy bits (unless they are boarding the train when it has stopped of course!)They loved to watch all of the trains travel past them and they had a real treat as they spotted 5! They counted the trains and talked about the colours they could see on them and how they were similar/different. They counted carriages too and people that passed them at the station.They even had their morning snack at the station together as they sat in the shelter protected from the rain and enjoyed spotting train after train after train…. The perfect village outing we feel ♥️xxxx