Staying cool

We’ve been staying cool in the most fun way possible this morning… 💦🔫💦Before the sun became too hot our children snuck outside (covered in suncream and wearing their hats) in the shady part of our outdoor area and GOT VERY, VERY, VERY WET…..They loved walking through the hosepipe sprinkler, they adored the new super water squirters (Tracey can confirm how powerful they are from when she was soaked by some of her Free-Flow friends when she went outside to say hello and see how the new water toys were going down this morning!!), they sprayed themselves and their friends with the water pistols and they threw wonderful water balloons!!As well as drinking lots of water to keep us hydrated on the inside it was excellent fun to get very wet on the outside too!! We are ready for a calm afternoon inside nursery and we’ll be looking forward to cooling down in paddling pools in the evening cool at home once our mummies and daddies have collected us later this afternoon… 💦🔫💦🔫💦💦💦💦💦💦 xxxx