STOMP, STOMP, STOMP…DINOSAURS IN A SWAMP!!! 🦕🦖 This morning Cheeky Monkeys have made a dinosaur swamp using gooey ‘gelli baff’! The children have enjoyed naming a few of the dinosaurs and repeating the names of the ones they weren’t sure of (or at least attempting to say some of the trickier ones!). Tia has demonstrated making the dinosaurs walk in the swamp which made an interesting squelching noise! The children named all of the dinosaurs they knew and they had a good chat about what they ate too!! Tia discussed with some of them that the diplodocus just eats leaves, but the T-Rex eats meat!! Some of the children also told Tia that these dinosaurs live in a swamp just like Shrek!!! They then chatted together and shared what they knew about Shrek and they laughed and bonded whilst they flicked the swamp gunk at each other!! Dinosaurs and goo… the perfect combination!