Supertato to the rescue!

Supertato’ Superbness!!! 🥔💜The free flow children are obsessed with reading and are currently loving the ‘Supertato’ books. This huge interest was sparked after a couple of children brought different books from this series in from home to share with the rest of the group… Well that was it, an adventure unfolded before them and here are just some of the things the friends have enjoyed and experienced over the past couple of weeks:SQUISHING THE EVIL PEA!! The children found a tray full of evil peas outside, so they decided to use different tools to squish them!! They had lots of fun squashing and splashing and mushing the peas with various different kitchen utensils and even a real hammer too!!The group decided to craft together their very own ‘Supertatoes’ after gathering a range of sticky bits and looking closely at the books for inspiration.Playdough was used and enhanced with various pieces of ‘treasure’ to enable the children to recreate their very own versions of characters from the stories.A trayful of REAL veggies was used to inspire role play! After looking through a range of different ‘Supertato’ books the children started to role play with their friends using the veggies as props for their developing narrative. Some amazing voices we’re definitely heard as their stories unfolded!!The children came across a scene within the room where Evil Pea had come into nursery and trapped the poor veggies inside a tub! The only way to get them out was to slide their way through the lasers that Evil Pea had set up, but they had to be careful as otherwise the lasers would get them! Free Flow enjoyed thinking and problem solving as they looked at different ways to approach this and save the veggies in distress and luckily for them we had some superb superheroes to hand that day!Appealing to all the senses the children even explored jelly that was full of evil peas!! They had so much fun finding all of the peas hiding in the wobbly, cold jelly and then squishing them!! No more evil peas in Jollies!! Good job super Free-Flow One!Their love of these books has taken their imaginations to some amazing places as they’ve explored all of these activities and fed their obsession with ‘Supertato’We wonder which book will capture their imaginations next?! 💜xxxx+11