Supporting our children

We like to help our children think about how to keep healthy and look after themselves and their bodies and in Terrific Twos as one of the children was due to go to the dentist recently the whole room had a look at brushing their teeth and talking about what happens when they go and visit the dentist.Beth provided some story books, a giant mouth, a picture of some teeth and some toothpaste and toothbrushes. They each took it in turns to show Beth, and the other grown ups in the room, how they brush their teeth at home and they all talked about when they brushed them too. They all discussed what the dentist does when they look at their teeth and some of the children even shared their own experiences; mostly they were just so excited about getting a sticker when they were all done! The children liked using their toothbrushes to make the laminated teeth lovely and clean again and as they did this they would talk about the steps they had to follow when cleaning their own teeth carefully.As the room talked more about why they had to clean their teeth many of the children would also chat about everyone at home and how they cleaned their teeth too and the colours of their toothbrushes etc. Once all the teeth were sparkly and clean again the children continued to look at some of the books and these reinforced why cleaning their teeth is so very important.What clever children we have at Jollies and it is great that we can work in partnership with our parents/carers to help reassure (and excite!) children about upcoming dentist visits and also help to share and reinforce important messages about how to care for our teeth in a fun and exciting way as this can often be a challenge for parents with very young children. This is so important in today’s society where tooth decay amongst children has been dramatically on the increase. By working in partnership with our parents/carers we can help our children to understand the importance of brushing their teeth carefully and hopefully get them into healthy habits that will last them a lifetime… 💜xxxx