Surprise steam train

🚂 passing through….Yesterday one of our mummies came into nursery and they said how their little one had been talking about wanting Lauren, Katie and Jade to take them to go and see the trains… We 💜 to follow our children’s interests so that was exactly what the grown ups did! Their wish was our command and a trip to the train station followed, but THE MOST AMAZING thing happened whilst they were there and our children were just soooooo lucky!!A steam train passed through whilst they were at the station; the Scarborough Spa Express chugged into Woodlesford station and stopped to enable them all to have a very good look! It was so exciting as they watched on and waved and all the passengers in the very grand carriages, complete with afternoon tea tables and lamps, waved happily back at them.Such a marvellous magical moment… it’s not every day you get to see and hear a steam train on your travels around Woodlesford.Our children were even more giddy as whilst they sat and had snack after the train had departed they then managed to spot a further 5 trains!! These ones weren’t steam ones, but one was a very long freight one!Choo, choo our children loved their visit and we’re sure they’ll be back there again soon.A steam train… just WOW!!! 😮 Does it get more perfect than that?! xxxx