Tea for two

Tea for two and two for tea… 💚☕️💙We are always on the hunt for ‘treasure’ at Jollies and Tracey’s recent search didn’t disappoint as it brought the cutest, dinkiest china teapots into our hands! Becky set up the water tray for her children filled with bubbles and a whole range of flavoured tea and coffee bags, for a true sensory experience. The children played in pairs having mini tea parties together and they excitedly filled and poured as they created their different beverages. They were less keen on the coffee bags than the flavoured tea ones; favouring the sweeter, rather than the bitter, smell. They handled the tiny teapots and cups and saucers with the greatest of care and their fine motor skills were fully engaged as they played imaginatively together controlling their pouring with the greatest of precision. There’s also something extra special, and super sensory, about playing with real china… so much more satisfying than ‘plastic fantastic’ teapots and cups… the weight, the texture, the feel, the thrill!!The tiniest tea party ever… it was such fun!! Xxxx