Teamwork makes the dream work and perseverance prevails…Our children LOVE ‘poppets’ (or ‘Pop Its’ or ‘poppers’) fidget toys at the moment as they enjoy the sensory feedback they offer and the absorption/challenge of making sure they pop them all. So you can imagine my excitement when I found ‘poppets with a twist’… they were a shape sorter challenge (loosely based on the ‘Tetris’ concept we feel?!) and as our Free-Flow children are currently obsessed with all things Maths related it just had to be done!!Needless to say it was a hit… This challenge saw lots of team work and perseverance as our clever children worked collaboratively to try and solve this Tetris poppet puzzle! They paid close attention to the shapes and spaces and anticipated how they might fit together to encompass all the shapes to enable them to fit back into their tray…. There was quite a lot of head scratching and giggling and sighing when they didn’t quite make it, as they twisted and turned them all, but perseverance prevailed (eventually!) and all the shapes were finally successfully refitted into their tray.Anyone else up for the shape challenge?⚠️ It could take a while though… 🤣😂🤣xxxx