Teddy bears picnic with Woodlesford school – 13th June 2018

Today we have been on our annual teddy bears picnic at Woodlesford School with their school nursery class! We all walked in such a lovely, sensible way up to school holding the crocodile and making sure we were extra careful! When we got to school we went to the outdoor area where first we split into groups and each got a chance to do an activity… Some of the things on offer included, making our bears fly with the parachute games, hunting for bears in the forest, reading bear stories in the special outdoor reading area, we did cutting and sticking to make our own bear ears, colouring and teddy bear rubbings, we played games and climbed on the big tyres and we learnt to do teddy bear rolls which quickly became rolling races down the hill! When we had each had a turn at every activity we had some free play time and made lots of new friends. After all that we got to have our teddy bears picnic, we all sat in a big circle and had a nice drink of juice and some ginger bread bears! Then it was time to say goodbye to our new friends, we all said a big thank you and they waved us off as we headed back to Jollies just in time for dinner!