The movement room is officially open!!!

One of our little ones has officially declared our new ‘Movement Room’ open today by cutting the ribbon…We thought you’d like a sneaky peek into this newly revamped space. Steph, and several other Jolly helpers, have been busy redecorating the whole room and it has been repurposed into a Movement Room for our children to enjoy.The idea behind the space is that groups can use it to develop their gross and fine motor skills as they explore their bodies’ capabilities. There are emergency blankets and sheets for den building on a huge scale using airers, musical instruments to get the children composing, moving, marching and shaking. Nursery rhyme and song cards so the children can choose their favourites and then act them out/bring characters to life, books to enjoy where our children can spread right out on their tummies or backs as they share them together. There are wobble boards and spinning tops so the children can test their bodies’ capabilities and experience different wonderful sensations… schemas will definitely be worked through, explored and extended in this space!! There are ‘crash mats’ and stepping stones so movement can occur by rolling, reaching, stretching, jumping all in a lovely cushioned way.This exciting space will feed our children’s desire to move, move, move as they get physical and develop their gross and fine motor skills and all these things are, of course, exciting precursors to reading and writing…. So……Let’s get MOVING!!!!! Xxxx(Next stop: sensory room revamp!! We are officially excited as we work our way round nursery refreshing and revamping💜)