The obsession with water is spreading!

Working at the car wash…… working at the car wash…. yeah!!During the grown-ups’ close observations they noticed some children pretending to wash a toy car in the sink in the role-play kitchen area; they had placed it in the bowl and then made splashing noises as they pretended the taps were on getting it nice and clean. So….. following their interests they took this outside, but on a much larger scale and with REAL soap and water!!THE JOLLY CAR WASH IS BACK UP AND RUNNING! Restrictions have lifted and all non-essential shops have reopened meaning the Jolly car wash, run beautifully by Team Possums, is back and our cars are in need of a good clean…The children all got suited and booted and headed outside ready to clean the cars. Lillie got out the hose, sponges, cloths and lots of crazy foam and they all set to on their cleaning mission. Lillie, Kirstan and Stephen encouraged participation by all getting stuck in themselves with the cleaning and they encouraged lots of singing as they worked too, but the hose pipe definitely took centre stage! After a few strange looks initially as the water sprayed overhead the children soon became fascinated and enjoyed seeing the bubbles being washed away once their cleaning mission was complete! The group loved exploring in the crazy foam as they relished the sensory feedback as they squashed and squeezed it through their fingers. There may have been a little initial hesitation around the hosepipe, but we can safely say that everyone enjoyed splashing around in the puddles in the tray afterwards. What expert car cleaners they all were! The cars gleamed and the fun shone… 💜xxxx